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Known as a "custom shop" you might think we're not much for restorations. while understandable its far from reality. We are experts in restorations also as the majority of our staff shares a passion for bringing things back to beautiful. From restoring a old classic to bringing your daily driver back to life we are the place for you.

headlight restoration, exterior trim, flood and fire restore and bringing your classic back to its period glory are some of the services we offer under this category, please inquire if you think we can be of service to your project.

Car Audio

As much a passion as a service for us. Once again decades of experience and superior craftsmanship. Anything from adding a CD player, Bluetooth or a pair of new door speakers to a $10,000 wall of woofer monster. A well known fact we are serious players in the business of audio. We are not focused on being the cheapest in this field we focus on being the best. Plenty claim to be experts while we prove it. Choose us for your audio needs!

Mobile Electronics

Ahh..of course, 12 volt gadgets, the fun stuff. Its like Christmas around here with the boxes of goodies coming in

Vehicle safety systems such as back up cameras, HID lighting and hands free phone systems. Video entertainment systems, lighting & car audio to name a few. Our staff has decades of experience as 12 volt technicians. We claim to be the best around because we take the extra steps to insure a OEM quality job while others do not.

see our Products page for a better understanding of what we have to offer atop our first class installations.


Complete Interiors, Headliners, Carpet, Door panels, Seat repair, Professional dye, Leather kits, Repairs, Customs.

Anything with wheels and Upholstery needs we can take care of you. Our staff has the same level of expertise in Upholstery as we do in sunroofs. We service everything from cars and trucks to boats, big rigs and aircraft. See our gallery page for some examples of our associates skills.


Sunroof Guy repairs roof systems in all makes and models, old and new. We stock hundreds of parts, have relationships with hundreds of parts suppliers and have the knowledge and ability to provide our customers with fair pricing and quality, timely work. We proudly bridge the gap in automotive service and our customers can rest assured that unlike our competition we give a honest, exact diagnosis and do not guess or charge our customers for un-needed parts and services.

  • #1 for Sunroof Repair in Grand Rapids!

  • Moonroof Repair

  • Sunroof Installation

  • Parts

  • Glass Replacement

  • Auto Glass

  • Car Audio

  • Video Systems

  • Hands Free

  • HID Lighting

  • LED Lighting

  • Accessories

  • Custom Upholstery

  • Leather Kits

  • Sim-Con Tops

  • Restorations

  • Customs

  • Fiberglass

  • Competition Audio

  • Winchs

  • Carpet

  • Custom Grills

  • Chrome

  • Exterior Trim

  • Wood Dash Kits

  • Firearm Lock-up

  • Vehicle Safety

  • Back-up Cameras

  • Alarms / Starters

  • Car Detailing


Making sure your sunroof is cared for is incredibly important, yet many vehicle owners neglect their moonroofs. Like everything else in your home and vehicle , it requires maintenance.

If you haven't had your roof system inspected recently, we're here to help. Maintaining your sunroof is a low-cost way of ensuring that your vehicle, your pocketbook and your family stay safe. 

Sunroof Guy is #1 for Sunroof Repair in Grand Rapids!

Give the experts a call! Same day service on most vehicles, Color change option available for no extra charge

And More...

More? "what do you mean more?" Well more means other small things we can do related to our services to keep our customers happy and loyal. From the small things to auto detailing, small fixes, advice, recommendations to trusted partners and services we do not advertise as they may stray from our core. If we feel we can not deliver the same quality and know-how as we do with our main services we will not accept the job, but to keep our customers happy we will get them to the right people. Just ask! We can get it done right for you one way or another!

Auto Glass

Servicing all makes and models. Certified techs and competitive pricing. Full warranties and friendly service.

We have a mobile service for your conveinece and can deal with the insurance company for you. 

From custom cut flat glass for your classic, chip repairs to a new mirror or power slider for your truck we are here for you. 


Running boards, Custom grills & chrome accessories, trailer hitch's, Truck bed covers, Euro Lights, LED light bars

Winch's, you name it we do it. If your into tearing up trails in your Jeep to cruisin' the ave in your caddy we have all the accessories you might need to do it right. Highly experienced techs taking pride in your ride. 


Sunroof Guy can install anything from a simple pop-up sunroof, folding fabric "rag-top" to a full power inbuilt moonroof. We have a combined experience of over 35 years installing and repairing sunroofs with pride. Our roof systems include a LIFETIME WARRANTY for as long as you own the vehicle! Something you won't hear from the other guys or the dealership. You can view a full line of options on our products page!

Fiberglass speaker pods will give you just that while adding more depth to your music!

Looking for that extra flare?

Headliner Hanging?


Not much to say here. We live for this. Our projects make magazines and bring home awards. Give us a fair budget, we'll deliver greatness in return.