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From a moonroof leak, sunroof repair, sunroof installation, sunroof glass replacement, moonroof repair to custom upholstery, car audio and more, We are the experts proudly serving the greater Grand Rapids area and all of West Michigan. 

Educational Sunroof video's in production and coming soon!

Educational Sunroof video's in production and coming soon!

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Complete Back-up camera system!

Includes Color night vision inferred camera and 3.5" color LCD monitor

Aftermarket or OEM ?

Aftermarket or OEM ?

Switch. ​Safe to say most of us know the function of this component. Usually located overhead or sometimes dash or shifter area mounted in foreign makes, The switch is the hands-on controller of the roof system and is usually built to last but still does fail.

SCU (Sunroof Control Unit) The brain of the system. The SCU tells the roof system when to go, when to stop, where to start, where to stop and so forth. Often a separate "box" in older units and more commonly intergrated with the motor in more current models. Also quite prone to failure.

Sunroof Motor. The heart of the system, the motor runs the track components back and forth. After the abuse of thousands of cycles pulling and pushing the weight of the heavy glass panel threw a neglected, dirty, dry track assembly, problems are bound to arise, just like a engine, lubercation and maitinence are required to maintain a healthy system.

Sunroof Track Components. The most prone to failure, delicate and expensive part of your roof system. The track components are the workhorse's of the system. these are the parts that actually travel threw the track moving and securing the glass panel.

Sunroof Seal(s) Another common part of your sunroof prone to failure. The seal can be found either attached to the edge of the glass panel, sunroof frame or body of the vehicle. Over time your seal(s) can take quite a beating from the elements and become dried out and crack allowing water to enter the vehicle resulting in interior damage and stress on the drainage system

Sunroof Glass. very prominate in our product line-up. Most likely because after all it is a piece of glass that happens to be kinda laying there face up just asking for the world to fall on it. It does happen, rest assured if it falls on you, you can lean on us. We stock a large selection.


Skar Audio

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What we do...

 From a moonroof leak to custom upholstery, car audio and more, We are the experts proudly serving the greater Grand Rapids area and all of west Michigan. Sunroof Guy is #1 in customer service, knowledge, skill and craftsmanship. Offering a mobile service and filling the void serving our neighboors with confident and absolute service for all makes and models of roof systems and vehicles, we are proudly here for you. Customer service is our #1 goal, Partnered with quality work, know-how and fair pricing, attitributes that are habit natural to our team. 

"MY sunroof leaks"

"I don't like moonroofs, all they do is leak or not work" Something you may have heard before in a conversation about buying or owning a vehicle with a moonroof, or maybe talk of having one installed in your current or future vehicle.

We sure have. those are both common occurences indeed. But most of the culprits are uneducated owners who fail to preform simple preventive maitenence and lack of qualified, fair faculitys avalible to service the customers need We are working to change that and provide a specalized facility to fill that void in automotive service. 


Among the core of the sunroof repair and installation side of our business we offer other related services that we otherwise would not if we could not promise our clients the exact same level in customer service, ability, quality & craftsmanship. take a look at the lengths of our associates first class skill bank of services 


It's a Sunroof until dusk...After the sun sets it's then a moonroof, hope this was helpful.

Sunroof Guy, West Michigan's premier sunroof repair experts!


Whats Included?

Drainage testing, Lubrication, Component(s) Inspection, Seal Preserver & Glass Adjustment 

(180.00$ Value)


Frame.The frame of your roof system is basically the chassis where all the other components live. The frame usually does not fail but it can, the frame can become damaged by collision or tweaking of the vehicle. The frame can also become unstable at the joining points overtime and create pesky hard to find leaks. 

What does my sunroof consist of exactly?

We stock a large selection of foreign, domestic, current and hard to find glass panels and parts for your roof system. We are also connected nationwide in not only quality auto parts networks but with other sunroof gurus across the land. If we can't find it, no one can.

"Over a decade of experience, working to serve you"

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